Precision Fertilizer Management

Scientists work to develop a cost-effective integrated system to manage fertilizations before and during the growing season.

BARD Workshop

Insect Reproductive Molecules and their Mechanisms 

Mapping Barley

Schewach Bodenheimer, a PhD student from the Hebrew University shares his experience as a BARD fellow at UC Riverside

Hot Potato Cold Potato

The understanding of dormancy and sprouting shape of seed-tubers  is the key to optimizing potatoes yield and quality.

Unclogging Irrigation Systems

As the demand on water supply has increased, irrigation with reclaimed wastewater, replacing potable water, via drip irrigation has become more prevalent.

Dr. Nerya Zexer

Dr. Nerya Zexer, Va’adia-BARD postdoc at Pennsylvania State University, is studying the Molecular Effects of Lignin on Cellulose Deconstruction to Improve Biofuel Production with Prof. Charles Anderson as his host. 

Dr. Yael Zvulunov

Dr. Yael Zvulunov a Va’adia-BARD postdoc fellow at Colorado State University is studying sustainable slow-release fertilizers and is working to understand and evaluate their impact on pollutants in the water-soil-crop system?