From the Industry to the Academia and Back

An Industry-Academia Meetup Hosted by BARD  

An Industry-Academia Meetup Hosted by BARD  

On March 5th, BARD hosted an industry and academia meetup at  Netter Center. This event was co-hosted by the Israel Innovation Authority, GFI and Start Up Nation Central. Our aim was to help facilitate collaborations between investigators from the Israeli academia and and potential partners from the food and nutrition industry. Such collaborations have the potential to improve time to market of research outputs, and serve as an opportunity for colleagues to share ideas. 

The program began with opening remarks from BARD’s Executive Director, Prof. Yoram Kapulnik. Who introduced BARD’s vision, mission, and various funding tracks. Emphasizing the importance of the event in wake of the rising need for Industry-Academia cooperation. Noa Matarasso of the Israeli Innovation Authority, showcased the funding tracks and guidelines relevant to the Israeli Innovation Authority, namely addressing the field of Food-tech, a topic relevant to both industry and academia.  

Prof. Oded Shoseyov of Hebrew University, who was BARD funded, talked about his multidisciplinary project and the future of food sensors.  Additionally, Prof. Ester Segal of the Technion spoke about the advanced and unique research in the field of food and nutrition that the academic facilities have in Israel.  

Dr. Vered Wineman-Fisher, Scientific Program Manager, BARD: “Our goal is to bring together researchers and industry leaders in a collaborative environment. We aim to foster dialog about pressing topics in food and nutrition, and to encourage the participants to raise potential projects and challenges for collaboration.  The roundtable discussions served this purpose well. “ 

During the roundtable discussions the researchers and industry leaders had a chance to connect and discuss topics such as foundational knowledge of plant products, nutrition health and chronic diseases, and innovation in food systems were all covered. The discussion generated interest from the industry in the researchers they met during their discussions.” 


BARD recognizes the need of the food, nutrition, and food tech industry in generating more research, and is glad to do so by bringing together people.  We would like to thank our partners who helped us run this event, the Good Food Institute, the Israel Innovation Authority, Start Up Nation Central, and the Netter Center, who hosted this meetup.  


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