Dr. Nerya Zexer

Dr. Nerya Zexer, Va’adia-BARD postdoc at Pennsylvania State University, is studying the Molecular Effects of Lignin on Cellulose Deconstruction to Improve Biofuel Production with Prof. Charles Anderson as his host. 

Dr. Yael Zvulunov

Dr. Yael Zvulunov a Va’adia-BARD postdoc fellow at Colorado State University is studying sustainable slow-release fertilizers and is working to understand and evaluate their impact on pollutants in the water-soil-crop system? 

Dr. Shiran Ben-Zeev

Meet Dr. Shiran Ben-Zeev Va’adia BARD postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University,  where he is working on ways to recognize the chemicals which make up the plant-to-plant “language”   

Dr. Maoz Dor

Dr. Maoz Dor Va’adia BARD postdoctoral fellow at Oregon State university where he is working on imaging and analyzing soil structure and microbial activity dynamics at the micro scale

Dr. Harel Bacher

What is the main focus of your postdoc work? “Almost one year ago, I began my post-doctoral studies in the laboratory of Prof. Mike Gore at Cornell University. My Postdoc research focuses on combining statistical modeling of multi-omics data to reveal the biological underpinnings of maize leaf cuticular conductance. In recent years genomic models and […]

Dr. Shira Milo Cochavi

Dr. Shira Milo Cochavi, Va’adia BARD postdoc fellow at University of Massachusetts’ department of biochemistry and molecular biology is studying genomic aspects of DNA damage and repair in fungi What is the main focus of your postdoc work? The aim of my postdoctoral work is to better understand genomic aspects of DNA damage and repair […]

Dr. Hagi Kohay

Dr. Hagi Kohay Va’adia BARD postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering program. He is studying ways to efficiently deliver agrochemicals to plants What is the main focus of your postdoc work? I’m studying the interactions between nanoparticle and plants with an applicative goal to deliver agrochemicals to plants in higher efficiency. In […]

Dr. Corinne Best

Dr. Corinne Best is Studying Molecular Plant Genetics at Rutgers University “It started when I was I child exploring the shapes of flowers in our backyard” What is the main focus of your postdoc work? “The main focus of my work is Chloroplast DNA engineering. Introducing mutations in chloroplast genes now days is made by […]

Dr. Shira Bukchin-Peles

Dr. Shira Bukchin-Peles is studying bug eating as a food and feed alternative at the University of California, Berkeley’s Department of Agricultural & Resource Economics   What is the main focus of your Postdoc work? I investigate different aspects of entomophagy, the consumption of insects. Insects could provide a critical addition of a reliable and environmentally […]

Dr. Gilad Gabay

Dr. Gilad Gabay is studying the root effect on drought resistance at the UC davis department of plant science What is the main focus of your Postdoc work? My main focus is to decipher the genetic mechanism that controls root development in wheat. These findings can lead to the improvement of wheat resilience to climatic […]

Dr. Elad Levintal

Dr. Levintal, Vaadia-BARD postdoctoral fellow, was nominated in 2020 postdoctoral scholar for outstanding research contributions to science for a singular scholarly work  What got you interested in groundwater research and environmental hydrology? Climate change and growing water demand impose rising threats to water security. One approach to mitigate these threats is to investigate new strategies for sustainable […]

Dr. Maya Baharal Saar

What got you interested in invasive ant species? Invasive ant species are an increasing burden on local ecology and human economy. I find it interesting that sometimes, the olfactory system of supercolony-creating ant species is wired differently compared to other ant species. I believe delving into this direction of study may give us new tools […]

Dr. Netanella Illouz-Eliaz

What got you interested in stress response in plants? My Ph.D. research was focused on the growth-promoting hormone gibberellin (GA) in tomato, its sensing mechanism (receptors), and how it affects drought tolerance. I found that tomato has three GA receptors, and my main hypothesis was that mutation in a single receptor would have a positive […]

Dr. Ievgenia Ostrov

What got you interested in research relating to medicinal plants? I have been fascinated by the favorable health effects of traditional herbal remedies since my undergraduate years. As of today, large number of commercially available drugs are plant-derived or naturally-inspired. Also, over the past decade, numerous additional compounds from medicinal and edible plants have been scientifically […]

Breeding Better Wheat

A lead to future genetic improvements of wheat varieties Wheat is one of the most important food crops in the world and is a crucial staple of the modern menu. Increasing grain yield in wheat is a key breeding objective worldwide. Several component traits contribute to grain yield with spike attributes being among the most […]

Welcome aboard, Dr. Vered Wineman-Fisher!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Vered Wineman- Fisher. Dr. Wineman-Fisher will be joining the team as our Scientific Program Manager. She brings a wealth of expertise to her new role of providing much knowledge in a wide range of scientific fields. Dr. Wineman-Fisher earned her Ph.D. in computational chemistry from Ben- […]