Nutritional Security NIFA-BARD-MOST

The BARD-NIFA-MOST Nutritional Security program is a new funding track that enhances U.S.-Israel collaboration on joint scientific innovation to address the multifaceted challenges of nutritional security.

Food and Nutrition NIFA-BARD-IIA

The NIFA-BARD-IIA Food and Nutrition program will support U.S. and Israeli researchers/investigators working together with an Israeli company.

Research Grants

Funds projects conducted cooperatively by US and Israeli scientists. Covers all phases of agricultural R&D including strategic or applied research. 

Pioneer Funding Track

A new track to support projects that have the potential of creating significant impact on the agricultural community.
The panels for the 2025 submission are Crop Production, Crop and Soil Health and Aquaculture.

BARD Aquaculture and Desert Farming Program

This program is integrated in both BARD’s plan to feature Climate-Smart Agriculture and Israeli Ministry of Agriculture’s office of the Chief Scientist’s focus on climate-smart aquaculture for dry climates and support desert farming. 

Graduate Student Fellowship

The program enables Ph.D. students in one country (U.S. or Israel) to travel to the other country to acquire new skills and techniques in their field of study. 

Seed Grants for Workshop Participants

The objective of this program is to extend the impact of BARD supported workshops, by funding “a Seed Grant” for early-stage joint research collaboration.