Spotlight on Postdocs

The Vaadia-BARD Postdoctoral Fellowship program was established in 1986 to identify and support young scientists who will eventually become leaders in agricultural sciences and technologies in universities and research institutions in the United States and Israel. The primary objective of the fellowship is to enable these young scientists to acquire new skills and techniques while becoming professionally established in the agricultural research community.

299 Postdoctoral Graduates since 1986
Fullfilling key positions in Israeli and US ResearchInstitutions and Universities
Award Amount - $64,000
299 Postdoctoral Graduates since 1986
Fullfilling key positions in Israeli and US ResearchInstitutions and Universities
Award Amount - $64,000
Spotlight on Postdocs
Scaling Membrane Process For Increased Water Supply
March 2024
Unraveling Water and Carbon Fluxes in Arid Land
October 2023
Meet Dr. Hillel Brukental, a Va’adia-BARD Postdoc fellow at UC Davis.
MAY 2023
Dr. Nerya Zexer, Va’adia-BARD postdoc at Pennsylvania State University, is studying the Molecular Effects of Lignin on Cellulose Deconstruction to Improve Biofuel Production with Prof. Charles Anderson as his host. 
March 2023
Dr. Yael Zvulunov a Va’adia-BARD postdoc fellow at Colorado State University is studying sustainable slow-release fertilizers and is working to understand and evaluate their impact on pollutants in the water-soil-crop system? 
January 2023
Meet Dr. Shiran Ben-Zeev Va’adia BARD postdoctoral fellow at Pennsylvania State University,  where he is working on ways to recognize the chemicals which make up the plant-to-plant “language”   
November 2022
Dr. Maoz Dor Va’adia BARD postdoctoral fellow at Oregon State university where he is working on imaging and analyzing soil structure and microbial activity dynamics at the micro scale
September 2022
What is the main focus of your postdoc work? “Almost one year ago, I...
April 2022
Dr. Shira Milo Cochavi, Va’adia BARD postdoc fellow at University of Massachusetts’ department of...
March 2022
Dr. Hagi Kohay Va’adia BARD postdoc at Carnegie Mellon University’s Civil and Environmental Engineering...
February 2022
Dr. Corinne Best is Studying Molecular Plant Genetics at Rutgers University “It started when...
December 2021
Dr. Shira Bukchin-Peles is studying bug eating as a food and feed alternative at...
November 2021
Dr. Gilad Gabay is studying the root effect on drought resistance at the UC...
September 2021
Dr. Levintal, Vaadia-BARD postdoctoral fellow, was nominated in 2020 postdoctoral scholar for outstanding research contributions to...
August 2021
What got you interested in invasive ant species? Invasive ant species are an increasing...
July 2021
What got you interested in stress response in plants? My Ph.D. research was focused...
June 2021
What got you interested in research relating to medicinal plants? I have been fascinated by...