Welcome aboard, Dr. Vered Wineman-Fisher!

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Vered Wineman- Fisher. Dr. Wineman-Fisher will be joining the team as our Scientific Program Manager. She brings a wealth of expertise to her new role of providing much knowledge in a wide range of scientific fields.

Dr. Wineman-Fisher earned her Ph.D. in computational chemistry from Ben- Gurion University in 2017, where she investigated the effect of ion presence on amylin oligomers aggregation in Type 2

Diabetes. Following this, she served as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the University of South Florida, focusing on computational biophysics and force-field development. She also held a Postdoctoral Fellowship at Bar-Ilan University, where her research included the development of new parameters for ionic liquids and simulations of Water-in-Salt electrolyte solutions used in lithium batteries.

Her role includes managing various aspects of research project coordination with a focus on scientific oversight, including the evaluation of scientific proposals and supervision of review processes. She will also work with the BARD team to refine program guidelines in line with emerging scientific standards and needs.


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